Turf Teaching


Our teaching philosophy involves an integrated approach of science and problem solving. Students should be well-educated in the principles of agronomics, personnel management, accounting, budgeting, and information technology. Similarly, students must hone their communication skills to be successful. We incorporate real world scenarios, student/professor dialogue, class participation, and guest speakers to create a fun learning environment. Our goal is to produce students that use deductive reasoning and science to ascertain solutions to problems.


We currently offer four turfgrass classes:

    PS 3355- Turf: This is an introductory three credit hour course that teaches the basic principles of turfgrass management. Included in this course is turfgrass ID, establishment, fertilization, mowing, cultivation, and pest management.

    PS 3385- Problems in Plant Sciences (Practical Turfgrass Management): This is a two credit hours course designed to prepare students for competitions at the national Sport Turf Managers Association and Golf Course Superintendents Association's annual conferences.

    PS 4355- Advanced Turf: This is a three hour course that teaches turfgrass mathematics, golf course and sports field construction, management, and budgeting.

    PS 4940- Internships in Plant Sciences: This is a 1 to 3 credit hour course required to provide a capstone experience. Internships give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom with the practical knowledge needed to succeed in the field.

There are many internship opportunities available. Students can arrange their own internship or their instructor can help with with placement at a facility. Click here to view available internships.

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