Nelson Guidelines For Establishing a Sprinkler System For a Soccer Field

7500 ADV Series Sprinklers
60 PSI Operating Pressure at Sprinkler Head, 600 G.P.M. Water Supply

Scale: 1"=40'0"

This design is for reference only. Your actual field dimensions may vary. Please adjust design as necessary.Nelson Guidelines Key

  1. Minimum lateral pipe size downstream of valve and before first sprinkler will be 2" in size.
  2. Lateral piping to second sprinkler and beyond could remain 2" in size or can be reduced to match flow at that segment.
  3. Lateral piping layout is prepared for installation via vibratory plow or trenching.
  4. Mainline and valve location may change depending upon overall sports complex layout.
  5. Mainline size will vary depending upon overall sports complex layout.
  6. Thrust blocking at mainline and valve locations required.

Soccer Field Sprinkler System